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Many jobs take a professional outside, and they need gear to protect them from unruly animals they may encounter. It may be an equipment installer, real estate agent, or delivery person dropping a package off on the front porch. Ever called to set up an appointment for an installation or service of some kind and the scheduler asks if there are dogs or any animals that the installer needs to be aware of? This is so the individual coming to do the service can be prepared for whatever is going to meet them in the yard or inside the home. Often, if the scheduler asks that question and it is met with a yes, they will notify the caller that the animal must be restrained for their employee to enter the premises and do their job. This is all in an effort to protect the employee from a potentially dangerous situation.

Most animal owners believe that their beloved pet can do no harm to anyone, particularly in their presence. Sadly, this is not always the case as so often there are news reports of people being attacked by a canine and the owner is shocked because, in their eyes, the animal wasn’t capable of doing what was done. Animals are born with a natural fight or flight instinct. If the dog feels that the person encroaching their territory is a threat, they will often let out a warning bark. This tells the person that the dog sees them and is warning them to back off. However, there are some times where that bark is quickly followed up with a bite. This is why a professional needs gear to protect them at all times when doing work outside or in someone’s residence.

Real estate agents would be one such profession that should keep a K9 warning device on hand each time they go to a house. Most homeowners that are selling their home will lock up their animals when the agent is showing the home. However, sometimes communication gets crossed, and the message that no one should go out the back door does not get relayed. The agent opens the back door and up comes the owner’s dog. At that point, no one knows what the dog’s intent is. It may be to greet them, or to protect their home. That is why a real estate professional should have gear that protects both them and the potential homebuyer.

A delivery professional also needs gear to ward off possible injury due to an aggressive canine. Dogs often get out of their yards, and when a package needs to be delivered, it requires the delivery person to open a gate or knock on the door, alerting not just the homeowner but their dog. Again, common experience says that most dogs will simply bark and leave the individual alone, but there are times where this isn’t the case, and great harm can be done by an aggressive dog.

A professional needs K9 warning device gear if they routinely go to homes or work outdoors, and Sound Defense offers one of the best devices on the market. It uses an audible tone intended to overwhelm and intimidate dogs , but the user can also hear if it is working, adding some much needed security. The Sound Defense is humane because it uses no chemicals, which also makes it safe for the user. And it is one of the most reliable products to use since precision and being in close proximity is not required for its effectiveness.

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