Who Should Consider Carrying A Repellent For Aggressive Dogs?

An effective repellent for aggressive dogs is essential for outdoor safety, especially for families who live in active neighborhoods or urban areas. In these settings, canines frequently get loose and can roam unpredictably. Some of these canines have active prey drives or are highly territorial, and they can become aggressive without warning. And when they do, people have just a few seconds to react. What someone does in those few seconds will determine whether they walk away unhurt, or are attacked by an animal that can do serious damage.  Around 30 people in the U.S. are killed every year by canine attacks.  Although that’s not an especially high number, the greatest number of injuries and fatalities occur among young children, and these tragedies could easily be prevented with a form of defense.

Who should consider carrying repellent for aggressive dogs?

The easy answer is: anyone who spends much of their time outdoors. People who live in sprawling residential areas, close to wooded spots, or inside the city need to be particularly careful, as this is where canines are the most common. Runners, bikers and parents who play outside with their children are at risk, as are postal workers, waste management workers, and other people who are on foot in neighborhoods often. In many cases, these people are too focused on what they are doing to keep a lookout for pursuing animals, which is all the more reason to carry some form of deterrence.

What kind of repellent exists for dogs?

Although spray deterrents were popular for a long time, their inconsistent effectiveness, high failure rate in high winds, and perceived brutality have pushed people into seeking alternatives. Ultrasonic devices have been that go-to option for years, but there’s doubt regarding their effectiveness as well. Because ultrasonic devices lie outside a human’s hearing range and are difficult to aim, it is hard to gauge their efficacy. And many canines are either insensitive to ultrasonic tones or can’t hear them, due to age.

As a result, many people are looking for something they can manage better, and something that offers immediate feedback. The Sound Defense is one such device stepping in to fill the gap, and it provides features that make it easier to use and, by extension, more effective. For one, the Sound Defense operates in both a human’s and canine’s audible range, producing tones that the canine is most sensitive to. This lower frequency range is easier to aim, so even when adrenaline is surging, the user can operate the Sound Defense without trouble.

The Sound Defense is designed to clip to a belt, waistband, or bike handlebars and is easily activated.   This allows the user to maintain focus on any obstacles ahead while remaining safe from a canine attack. It’s also effective on multiple animals at once and does no harm to the canines, so it can be used without fear of causing injury to human or animal.

In short, it’s the ideal solution for anyone who wants that final layer of protection. After all, it only needs to work once to make it well worth it.

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