Most Scenic Bike Trails in America

picture from route of the hiawatha

Scene from Route of the Hiawatha Rail Trail

Most Scenic Bike Trails in America

Cycling enthusiasts typically enjoy this sport because it allows them to take in some beautiful scenery. America has more than its share of scenic bike trails that allow you to enjoy nature to its fullest.

Katy Rail Trail, Missouri

The Katy Trail extends for more than 237 miles and covers a good part of the state of Missouri. Much of the bike rail trail follows the same path Lewis and Clark took up the Missouri River. The Katy Rail Trail is primarily flat as it follows the MKT railroad line. You will see a lot of small towns while riding the Katy Trail. You have a chance to take in farmland as well. You will find wooded areas and scenic bluffs along the way too.

Hiawatha Rail Trail

This rail trail extends into parts of Montana and Idaho. The Hiawatha Trail runs the path of a former rail line making it flat and level for most of the ride similar to the Katy Trail. The trail offers only a slight grade down on the way out. You can enjoy some excellent mountain scenery on this trail and will even navigate a 1.7 mile long tunnel that crosses the state line. The Hiawatha Trail is a mere 15 miles long. It nonetheless contains seven trestles that are rather high up. These trestles provide you with an excellent view of the mountains.

Underground Railroad Trail

You may want to consider riding part of the Underground Railroad Trail For a ride that has historical significance. This bike trail extends from Alabama to Ohio and can even take you onward into Canada. The bike trail spans more than 2,006 miles in all. This long trail breaks up into several different “legs” of around 400 miles each. You will encounter numerous small towns and historical sites along the way. You will have the opportunity to experience quiet countryside and scenic forests throughout your journey. The town of Cincinnati, Ohio contains more than 16 miles of trail. This part of the trail includes a stretch that will take you directly past the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. The Center is a must-see during your travels.

American River Bike Trail

Some refer to The American River Bike Trail as the Jedidiah Smith Memorial Trail. This trail runs between the Sacramento River and American River near Sacramento, California. It is 32 miles long and is a multi-use trail that is also adored by hikers and joggers. Some points of interest along this trail include Guy West Bridge, Folsom Lake, Discovery Park and Sutter’s Landing Park. A number of cycling groups volunteer their time toward keeping the trail clean and in excellent condition though the County of Sacramento maintains the trail.
All of these trails will allow you to get some fresh air and exercise while also seeing some amazing sights. You do not have to ride the entire trail at once. You can either set aside several days or ride just a section of it during a single day. You are sure to enjoy your experience either way no matter which one of the trails you choose.


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