How Can A Sonic Dog Repeller Protect A Person From Attacks?

Every day, millions of bikers, runners and athletes take to the outdoors to enjoy themselves, and those with a sonic dog repeller on hand won’t have to worry about attacking animals. It’s true that man’s best friend is often friendly, even to strangers, but no one wants to be the person that meets the exception. Aggressive canines are capable of doing great harm, especially to children, and they can leave permanent, disfiguring injuries if the victim is brought to the ground. It’s a common belief, though, that a canine, no matter how large, can be shooed away or fended off. But people often underestimate the power of a large breed canine, and these animals often attack as a pack. In those circumstances, it won’t matter how big, how fast, or how intimidating a person is.

How can a sonic dog repeller safeguard a person from attack?

Canines almost always attack for one of a few reasons. They may believe they are protecting their territory (which may extend far from the animal’s home), they may be engaging their prey drive, or they may just be curious. In the seconds between the animal beginning pursuit and closing in on the victim, though, it’s impossible to know why the canine is charging and whether or not they intend harm.

It’s not a gamble worth taking, and that’s why more people are equipping themselves with a deterring device. But they’re not all created equal. Spray and ultrasonic deterrents have been in use for many years, and though they can be effective, both have significant flaws. Spray deterrents are rendered ineffective in high winds or heavy rain, and they can be difficult to aim, especially when someone is on a bike. Ultrasonic devices are a bit more reliable, but because they produce such high frequencies of sound, they are only effective in a narrow radius, again making them tough to handle.

The Sound Defense is a sonic dog repeller. In other words, the sounds it creates lie within the animal’s audible spectrum, as well as a human’s. And because it emits frequencies in the audible spectrum, it fires a wider beam of sound, so it is much easier to aim. Canines are particularly sensitive to the tones the Sound Defense emits, which is why an attacking animal is likely to break pursuit almost instantaneously upon hearing the device. Those that persist will almost never do so for long, as the Sound Defense is alarming, intimidating, and repulsive to a canine.

Many people worry about harming an animal in the pursuit of turning the animal away, but that’s not a concern with the Sound Defense. It is 100% humane.  In short, the Sound Defense is the best defense someone can adopt to keep themselves, and those they care about, safe while outside.

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