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How Can A Dog Repeller Device Prevent An Attack?

Wherever there are outdoor activities, there are commonly canines, and while most of them are friendly and dependable, there are enough aggressive animals out there to warrant the use of a dog repeller device. Such systems may rely on projectile sprays, ultrasonic, or sonic tones to ward off the canine. However, there are serious drawbacks […]

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Information About Recumbent Riders And Dog Bites

Animals are often unpredictable around bikes, but recumbent riders can avoid dog bites as long as they prepare in advance. Any experienced cyclist knows that canines can seemingly appear out of thin air, especially in dense neighborhoods, and there’s no telling when one will give chase. A cyclist normally has a few options available to […]

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Outdoor Sport Enthusiasts Need Safety Against Dogs

Bikers, runners, walkers and other outdoor sport enthusiasts have to contend with a number of variables when enjoying their favorite sport. While most people think about the weather and traffic before heading out, many neglect to protect themselves from aggressive dogs, and this can be a big mistake. Large breed dogs are capable of causing […]

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