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I love this device! My dog and I were attacked and we were traumatized! After purchasing the sound defense we were running again and and a dog chased us again, but this time I used the device and the dog stopped and ran ran away. We feel safe and I am confident now. I recommend it to all my friends  it’s a great product.

Submitted on 2013/09/19 at 9:08 pm Tina

“Just a note to let you know that I used the device you gifted me a while back on a recent bike ride through the country–and it worked like magic!

I am definitively taking it with me to [ ] next week!”

Brent, Cyclists 06/02/2014


“This device emits a sound that effects dogs and other mammals. So far it has worked against dogs, raccoons and what may have been a rabid fox.  Durability is unknown I’ve only had it about a month.” 


 **Check out the Sound Defense® K9 Warning Device review in the Dec/Jan 2013 Adventure Cyclists magazine, the member-only publication of Adventure Cycling Association

Review of the Sound Defense K9 Warning Device – Electronic Dog Deterrent Review

“My husband and I walk on our street every day in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon and there are a lot of dogs that seem to be loose, so I bought some other things to defend myself with, they didn’t work, I’ve been bitten by a dog on our street and now I have Sound Defense and this works. I’ve used it probably about 6 or 7 times and it has stopped any aggressive dog.”

Nora, Fitness Walker



“After using the Sound Defense K9 [Warning Device] on several unfriendly dogs, I found it very effective for most cases. It was very convenient device that was easy to carry for walks and unexpected occasions.  It is definitely a much safer and more humane option…”

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Texas

(name withheld by request)