Sound Defense K9 Warning Device – The Product

Sound Defense – The Product

Sound Defense is designed to repel aggressive dogs by sending out a sound signal in dogs’ sensitive hearing range designed to trigger the flight response. The loud audible sound signal is twice as loud for dogs over an ultrasonic sound.  It’s a dog deterrent sound signal that’s alarming, intimidating and overwhelming. The loud audible dog repellent signal can serve as a personal alarm and bike horn.

• Deters Dogs From 25 feet.

• Sound Defense uses patented technology to send an audible dog repellent signal in dogs’ sensitive hearing range.  The dog repeller is designed to stop dog attacks.

•Added uses include bike horn and personal alarm/distress signal.

• Sound Defense will function in any orientation.  Very hot or cold temperatures do not affect operation.  Will not leak or explode due to temperature.

• Does not use chemicals, irritants or propellants. No Risk of pepper spray blowing back into user’s eyes. No risk of leaks. No chemical cartridges to replace.

• Does not require precise aim. Wide effective field.

• Compact and lightweight.  Easy to carry in hand or on a bicycle.

What makes Sound Defense Unique?

Canines have three choices when presented with a threat.

    • Fight
    • Flight
  • Freeze

The best response from an aggressive dog is the flight response.

Dogs receive sounds in their sensitive hearing range as being louder, overwhelming and repulsive. -The Louder the sound the bigger the sender.

Sound Defense designed a sound signal that indicates great size by volume, non-aggressive motivation by structure and is made up of mid-range sound frequencies in dogs’ sensitive hearing range creating an overwhelming, intimidating and repulsive sound signal for the dog.  This sound is best suited to encourage the flight response in aggressive dogs.  Encouraging the flight response from an aggressive dog is the best choice.  Encouraging the fight response from an aggressive dog can make a bad situation worse.

from animal Vocalizations Motivation-Structural Rules we know:

Ultrasonic pure tones are most like animal vocalizations from a small, whining, weak or frightened animal.
-Signaling weakness or a frightened behavior is a weak position to take when defending against a dog.

Aggressive growl sounds contain low frequency sounds with a lot of noise.
-Signaling aggressive intention is more likely to escalate an attack. Low frequency noisy sounds can be made with Air horns.

Don’t pick a fight. Don’t signal weakness. Get A Sound Defense.

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