Sound Defense K9 Warning Device – The Product

Sound Defense – The Product

Sound Defense is designed to repel aggressive dogs by sending out a sound signal in dogs’ sensitive hearing range.  It’s a dog deterrent sound signal that’s alarming, intimidating and overwhelming. The loud audible dog repellent signal can serve as a personal alarm and bike horn.

• Deters Dogs From 25 feet.

• Sound Defense uses patented technology to send an audible dog deterrent signal in dogs’ sensitive hearing range.  It’s designed to repel aggressive dogs.

•Added uses include personal alarm/distress signal and bike horn.

• Sound Defense will function in any orientation.  Very hot or cold temperatures do not affect operation.  Will not leak or explode due to temperature.

• Does not use chemicals, irritants or propellants. No Risk of irritants blowing back into user’s eyes. No risk of leaks. No chemical cartridges to replace.

• Does not require precise aim. Wide effective field.

• Compact and lightweight.  Easy to carry in hand or on a bicycle.


What makes Sound Defense Unique?

Canines have three choices when presented with a threat.

  • Fight
  • Flight
  • Freeze

The best response from an aggressive dog is the flight response.

Dogs’ receive sounds in their sensitive hearing range as being louder. -Louder is an indication of greater size.

A sound signal that indicates great size by volume, non-aggressive motivation by structure and is made up of mid range sound frequencies is best suited to encourage the flight response.  Encouraging flight response from a dog is the best choice as opposed to encouraging the fight response from a dog and making a bad situation worse.

from animal Vocalizations Motivation-Structural Rules we know:

Ultrasonic pure tones are most like animal vocalizations from a small, whining, weak or frightened animal.
-Signaling weakness or a frightened behavior is a weak position to take when defending against a dog.

Aggressive growl sounds contain low frequency sounds with a lot of noise.
-Signaling aggressive intention is more likely to escalate an attack. Low frequency noisy sounds can be made with Air horns.

Don’t pick a fight. Don’t signal weakness. Get A Sound Defense.

Watch Sound Defense in Action

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