Looking At An Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent Review Can Be Helpful

With the American pet population on the rise, it is becoming more and more often that fitness walkers, runners, and cyclists look for a dog deterrent or dog repeller.  Ultrasonic devices have been marketed as dog deterrents and training aids.  In this day and age, new technology points to a different solution.  An ultrasonic dog deterrent review looks at the differences in ultrasonic dog deterrents as opposed to the new technology.

Do training aids belong in an ultrasonic dog deterrent review?

Some ultrasonic dog deterrents are marketed as training aids as well as dog deterrentsYou wouldn’t use a “time out” when confronted with a burglar, so why would you use a training aid when faced with an aggressive dog?  The Sound Defense is designed to repel aggressive dogs by emitting a signal that’s repulsive to dogs.  The K9 Warning Device is not a training aid.

Is ultrasonic sound discomforting to dogs?

Another aspect to look at in an ultrasonic dog deterrent review is that some claim that ultrasonic sound is discomforting to dogs.  Research indicates that people find sounds within human’s sensitive hearing range to be most repulsive.  Applying this to dogs, sounds within dog’s sensitive hearing range would be most repulsive to dogs.  Ultrasonic sounds are far outside dog’s sensitive hearing range.  The Sound Defense emits a signal in dogs sensitive hearing range designed to be repulsive to dogs.

Is an ultrasonic sound the best tone over distance?

The effective range of a dog deterrent matters, and it can be helpful to consider this in an ultrasonic dog deterrent review.  The frequency of an ultrasonic dog deterrent product weakens more rapidly over distance than an audible dog deterrent at a lower frequency.  The further away from the aggressive dog a person can stay, the better.  The Sound Defense sounds at a much lower frequency than an ultrasonic dog deterrent.

Are ultrasonic sounds unusual in a dog’s environment?

Some people think that ultrasonic tones are strange to dogs and that these “strange” ultrasonic sounds frighten the dog.  There are a good number of animals and insects that make sounds in the ultrasonic range though.  These sounds can be similar in range to ultrasonic dog deterrent sounds.  Indoors some electronics and appliances make ultrasonic sounds.  Considering the number of known sources, ultrasonic sound may not be all that strange to dogs.  The Sound Defense K9 Warning Device is designed to emit a signal that is repulsive to dogs, and it is unusual.  It is patent pending, and no other product makes the same sound.

How do you know when it’s on?

If you can’t hear it, how do you know it’s on?  When using an ultrasonic dog deterrent how do you know if it is emitting the sound?  Some variations include a light that is meant to indicate that the product is on.  How is a person to know if the light is the only thing working, or if the ultrasonic dog deterrent is making a sound?  Most people can’t hear an ultrasonic sound.  The Sound Defense is fully audible and loud, and it may serve to alert others to the situation.

Ultrasonic dog deterrent reviews can be helpful since the chance of encountering a dog while participating in outdoor actives may continue to become more likely due to the increasing pet population.   There are many products to choose from, but only one Sound Defense.  Used by professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike, the Sound Defense is well-suited for outdoor activities and offers patent-pending technology in a dog deterrent designed to repel aggressive dogs by emitting a signal that is repulsive to dogs.

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