Does An Ultrasonic Dog Repeller Sound Device Work?

Many people are interested in their safety when it comes to aggressive dogs, and an ultrasonic dog repeller emits a sound that is out of the human hearing range. This type of device is intended to effectively startle and confuse the aggressive animal to stop its pursuit. Although this type of device has had some success, there are other options available that may prove to be more effective.

Aggressive behavior in dogs can often be linked to genetically encoded, biologically driven prey drive, or protective aggression.  These motivations have been bred in for many, many generations.  To deal with dogs acting out possessive and predatory aggressiveness, professionals and outdoor enthusiasts have a few choices.  Sound Defense offers the audible dog deterrent that emits a sound within the dog’s sensitive hearing range.  It has been designed to be repulsive to dogs.  There are also pepper sprays.  Pepper sprays are often difficult to use since they can be affected by temperature. They should be held upright for use, shouldn’t be shaken too much during activity, and often result in blowback, as well as overspray, which can be a serious problem.  As mentioned before, there are also ultrasonic devices available, which claim to emit tones far outside dogs sensitive hearing range.

Why does the sensitive hearing range matter?

It has been established that sounds within human’s sensitive hearing range are often the most repulsive to people.  Sound Defense emits a high powered signal within the dog’s sensitive hearing range.  A few examples of what people find repulsive are, fingernails on a blackboard, a knife scraping a bottle, brakes squealing, and a female scream.  All of these sounds fall within a human’s sensitive hearing range.  These sounds within a humans sensitive hearing range are repulsive to people and can have a physiological effect, including possible changes in skin conductance, heart rate, and respiratory influences.  Based on what people find to be repulsive, sounds in a dog’s sensitive hearing range would likely be repulsive to the dog.  Imagine these repulsive sounds amplified in the Sound Defense K9 Warning Device.

The volume of an ultrasonic dog repeller and the sound it emits also seems to be a factor.  The louder the sound, and the more amplified and repulsive it may be.  Sounds within an animal’s sensitive hearing range will be perceived as louder to the animal than sounds of the same decibel level outside the animal’s sensitive hearing range.  Ultrasonic sounds are far outside dog’s sensitive hearing range.

In people, studies have concluded that repulsive sounds in the sensitive hearing range effect a part of the brain known as the amygdala.  When presented with repulsive sounds in the sensitive hearing range, it is believed that the amygdala takes control of the activity in the auditory part of the brain.  This makes a person’s perception of the sound feel even more repulsive.  The amygdala is known to create emotional reactions and process memories.  The amygdala is the part of the limbic system.  The limbic system supports emotion, behavior, motivation, and long-term memory.  It has been suggested that sounds within an animal’s sensitive hearing range reach the amygdala first without having to be processed by the thinking part of the brain.

Sounds that people find to be most repulsive fall within humans sensitive hearing range.  Applying this to dogs, a repulsive dog deterrent sound would be one within their sensitive hearing range.  The Sound Defense emits a dog deterrent sound that is within dog’s sensitive hearing range.  It has been designed to be repulsive and designed to keep aggressive dogs at a safe distance.

In conclusion, pepper spray can be difficult to use and aim, and an ultrasonic dog repeller sound is far outside dogs sensitive hearing range, but the Sound Defense emits a signal within dogs sensitive hearing range. It is designed to be a sound that is repulsive to dogs, and this just may stop their aggressive pursuit.

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